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Trek Around Saipan for the Commonwealth Cancer Association (CCA) Event


Hafa Adai! 

On behalf of the Commonwealth Cancer Association, Fit to Lead Initiative, the Office of the Governor, and I, Frank “The Crank” Camacho, would like to present you with the first ever Trek Around Saipan to benefit the Commonwealth Cancer Association (CCA).

I have always been an advocate of health, wellness, & fitness. Sadly, the CNMI is in a health epidemic. The CNMIs top three causes of death in the past 10 years are heart disease, stroke, & diabetes.

More and more we are losing friends and family to these non communicable diseases that ARE PREVENTABLE through exercise and nutrition. The people of the CNMI are looking for alternative ways to take ownership of their health and wellness and being able to be FIT TO LEAD within their families and professional duties.

We are partnering with the Commonwealth Cancer Association (CCA) to host a trek around Saipan pledge to raise money, and awareness towards health & wellness in the CNMI. During this campaign, 100% of all sponsorship revenue and donations will go towards the Commonwealth Cancer Association (CCA). Please see more details for the campaign below: 

Date: Friday, September 30th @10AM - Finish of Trek 

Route : PIC > AMP > Banzai > San Juan > Joeten Kagman > Marine Beach > Forbidden Island Lookout > Laolao beach > Naftan Point > Coral Ocean Point > PIC 

The Pledge: Frank “The Crank” Camacho, Jose Quan, & Josh Castro will trek around the island of Saipan. 

  • No food, drinks, or money will be allowed at the start. These necessities can only be provided by the community. 
  • Participants will not be allowed to enter a vehicle at any time. 
  • Breaks and sleep are allowed but cannot be done indoors.

Si Yu'us Ma'ase,
Frank “The Crank” Camacho