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Shipping & International Delivery

Our products on are available via fulfillment from various production and shipping partners throughout the globe. Products are available for international delivery, which includes the Asian Pacific Islands and United States Territories (Guam). 

Production of your orders take approximately 3-7 days & will be shipped according to your shipping option. International shipping speed after fulfillment takes approximately 10 to 20 days. Please exercise patience within the time between fulfillment and delivery. 

Average Shipping Rates are:

  • Flat rate shipping to Guam: $5 + $1 for additional items/qty.
  • Flat Rate shipping to Saipan & Hawaii: $6 + $2 for additional items/qty.
  • Flat rate shipping to the United States:  $7 + $2 for additional items/qty.
  • Flat rate shipping to Japan/International/Non-USA: $11 + $2 for additional items/qty.