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Agana Guam Mural Tour on SCOOTERS!

Agana Guam Mural Tour on SCOOTERS!


Usually Sarah and I have our usual weekly/biweekly date nights, but today we wanted to try something different. With three kids, sometimes finding a baby sitter is difficult. We were lucky that Sarah's parents were available to take the kids and off we were on our "date day."

We had a window of 4 hours to ourselves. WE WERE STOKED! 

I remembered Coffee Slut coffee shop in East Agana posted on their instagram that they offered scooter rentals. I thought, what better way to see the village of Agana then on scooters. For those of you that dont know, Guam is hot! Especially around mid afternoon, but I knew the scooters were fast enough to give us a breeze during the ride... and the fun would distract us from the heat.

We got the scooters at Coffee Slut and headed straight to the heart of Agana. One cool attraction about Agana are the massive Murals local and international artists have created. HUGE PIECES OF ART! And beautiful!

The wifey and I decided to make a Vlog of all the murals we could find and share it with all of yall. 

We urge you to go on this Mural Tour in Agana, GU! Youll have a blast!

Let us know if we missed a Mural!

SHOOTS! Enjoy the video.