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I would like to thank Doctor Shieh for being awesome to our growing little family. He has been Sasa's doctor since our first pregnancy with our oldest, Franklin. As a first time father, I had NO IDEA about the whole birth process. It was real scary as a matter of fact. Doctor Shieh guided Sasa and I and made the process seemless. His knowledge, confidence and "people person" personality helped us through every process of the pregnancy and birth. We are looking forward to our third one.

Sasa and I asked Doc to not tell us the gender. We will be waiting for the ultimate surprise and wait till birth. Antigu style. lol.

Sasa and I are hoping for a girl, but all in all, we hope for a healthy little one. :) (we wouldn't mind another boy too. Boys are awesome lol) 

A lot of the "older aunties" are saying its a girl. You know how it is with their Chamorro superstitions. haha. Either way, we are happy and grateful for everyhting, and look forward to meeting this healthy little CRANKSTER!

What are your thoughts? Do you think its a boy? do you think its a girl? How so?


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