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These 5 Habits Saved me from COVID-19

Wear your mask, wash your hands, watch your distance, stay home, stay at home, lockdown. Why is this the only messaging I’ve been seeing!

In September of this year I tested positive for covid 19. When I did get it, I wondered to myself where is the messaging on what to do? How to fight it off? What should I be doing aside from isolating myself? How do I prepare myself for covid 19 in the event I get it?

This really blew my mind!

I believe covid19 isn’t going to be as bad for you if u stay and keep healthy. Young or old u need to stay healthy. You have a better chance at fighting covid and any disease if ur immune system can fight. But u need to constantly train ur body to fight.

When I tell people about my covid experience and how it didn’t affect me... aside from a runny nose and losing taste and smell. They always say “Oh it’s because you’re healthy.” They say it in a way like it’s a super power. Like in one of the lucky few to be healthy. Like it’s a special attribute.

When it’s really... a choice.

I am grateful I choose to eat wholesome and nutritious foods, to be active, and my family and I choose this lifestyle. I believe it was because of this that helped me through it all

Testing positive for covid 19 myself w/ no real guidance forced me to revert to my 5 basics!

#1 Eat healthy & wholesome foods

  • Nutrition & Diet & food heals your body in just 3 weeks.
  • Power of wholesome foods and nutrition. It’s known to heal the following.
    • Hypertension. (High blood pressure)
    • Diabetes
    • Kidney disease
    • Stroke
    • Heart attack
    • Heart disease
  • What I was eating during this time
      • I would eat oatmeal 2 eggs and fruits for breakfast w coffee
      • Greens and chicken for lunch
      • Plain greek yogurt and fruit as a snack
      • Greens chicken / fish for dinner
      • Plain greek yogurt and fruit as a snack
      • Eating around 2200 calories a day.
You can go from high risk to low risk in a matter of a month just from diet. Imagine that! In just 30 days of eating wholesome nutritious food, you can actually heal your body and get off medication.


  • #2 Water
    • I was drinking about 2 gallons of water a day.
      • Eliminates body waste. Toxic wastes.
      • Good energy levels
      • Weight loss and metabolism
      • Boost immune system
  • #3 Supplements
    • Vitamin D
      • Studies show that vitamin D helps reduce the incidence and severity of respiratory tract infections.
      • Studies suggest that vitamin D is protective against Covid-19.
      • Since there are no serious side effects to taking vitamin D, except possibly in very large doses, it makes sense for everyone to ensure that they have an adequate amount, either from their diet, from spending time in the sun, or from supplements.
    • Wellness formula
    • Vitamin C
    • Multi Vitamins
    • Cannabis THC Syrup
      • helped me Relax
      • assisted with Sleep
  • #4 Sleep
    • Keeps healthy heart
    • Strong immune system
    • Emotional & mental health
    • Reduces stress
  • #5 Exercise

May we all be responsible and not infect those who may not be able to fight COVID19 or any other disease. 

Lets all continue the 3 W's. Wear our mask, watch our distance, and wash our hands.

Stay safe everyone! Keep CRANKIN it up! And... Tell someone you love them!