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Thousand Miles xx Frank The Crank Camacho | Why do I fight?

Thousand Miles xx CRANK

Has it always been your childhood dream to be a UFC fighter? How did it all start?

Going into high school I wanted to get in shape. I hated running and was a fan of martial arts. My friend Derek knew a couple of guys doing “NHB” at the time, which is now known as MMA. It was in a warehouse with a bunch of guys training for fights, and I jumped in. I remember the first few months of just getting smashed. But I kept coming back trying to solve this puzzle. Long story short, a year later I was getting better, I had my first fight, and from there I was hooked!

Was there someone in your life that played a huge part in your success?

My Dad and Cuki Alvarez played a huge part in my success. My dad was a martial artist himself so he knew the dedication, discipline, and work it takes to be successful in the sport. Cuki Alvarez was my first coach and mentor. He believed in me and saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself many times. He paved the way, helped me open many doors, and forged THE CRANK

Why do you fight? 

I fight because I am fascinated with the martial arts and the art of fighting. It is a very pure sport. A true competition of technique, heart, and will. Coming from a little island group in the Pacific, with blue water, tropical weather all year, amazing people, and beautiful culture… I have always been a proud local boy and really want to show the world where I come from. Show them our island fighting spirit!

Have you ever felt like giving up? What keeps you going?

I felt like giving up many times, Ive had many dark thoughts and heavy conversations with my wife Sarah about it. She believes in me more than I believe in myself at times. She’s the rock that continues to ground me and inspires me to continue to reach my goals. She’s the real CRANK!